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What is "computer networking"? It Should Just Work. Twenty years ago, we were promised a paperless office. We were told that computers would make life easier, and less complicated. What do we have today? Computers have become just one more thing to fight with in order to get something done. Here at Incom Systems, we believe that computer should "just work." Your computers can help you do business, not distract you from your business. Incom Systems helps return sanity to you office by configuring your computers to work together on your network, managing your internet connection, and providing cabling so that you can move or add computers to your network. Not only will Incom Systems return sanity to your office, we can examine your network security as well. Default passwords, insecure wireless access points, and many other common problems can pose a security hazard for your network. Incom systems will evaluate your security measures, and provide an outside opinion on the security of your network. If you believe that computer networking should "just work," then let us manage the details.
What is a VoIP phone system? The Future of Telecommunications. Historically, a phone system has consisted of a central switching unit, which is a piece of proprietary hardware made by a single company. Connected to that unit are individual digital phones, all made by the same company. The switching unit is connected to the public phone network. The entire system is proprietary. This means that one company designed the hardware, designed the software, and isn't telling anybody how it works. Once you invest in a certain brand, you are locked into that brand. A VoIP phone system runs over a standard computer network, using established, open standards. A VoIP phone is basically a small computer with a handset, packaged to look like a business phone. This hardware is non-proprietary: VoIP phones are cross compatible. At the heart of our system is Asterisk. Asterisk is an open source program that routes calls from a VoIP phone to whoever you want to talk to. Our solution combines affordable, reliable hardware with the flexibility of open source software. We can use these tools to provide you with a phone system that matches the quality of a proprietary solution, but can be adapted to do so much more. Two locations? We can securely connect the two systems over the internet. A 1-800 number? We can get you a good rate by bypassing AT&T altogether. Expensive long distance? Sip Trunking routes your calls over the internet and saves you hundreds on your long distance bill. A VoIP Phone system is the future because it is affordable, convenient, and saves you money.
Pro Sound
What is a pro sound system? A Solution Made for You. Most of us are familiar with home and car stereos. Few if any cars are sold without a radio and CD player these days. Almost every home has a stereo somewhere. These small stereos are know collectively as hi-fi sound equipment. Hi-fi equipment is designed for small rooms and spaces. This equipment isn't built for accurate sound, but for what "sounds good." A Hi-fi system may sound great in a car or small room. That same system in a sanctuary or other large room would sound very poorly, and the spoken word wouldn't be understandable. A pro sound system is different from a home or car stereo in several important ways. Pro sound equipment is designed to accurately reproduce audio for a listening audience. Whether it be a Sanctuary or an office hallway, a well designed pro sound system can meet your needs. Professional equipment is more durable than hi-fi equipment. It isn't uncommon for a pro sound system to be in use for 20 years or more. Here at Incom Systems, we understand Pro sound. We will look at your needs and design a pro sound system that is perfect for your use. – More durable – Engineered for your venue – More accurate sound – Flexibility – Louder

Incom Systems

Incom Systems provides innovative technology systems and solutions for businesses and churches.

  • We install cabling for networking and telephones.
  • We maintain existing networks and phone systems.
  • We install VoIP based phone systems.
  • We install professional sound systems for churches and businesses.

What does “Innovation: Delivered.” mean?

The world of technology is constantly moving. New ideas are being developed, new products are being produced. Incom Systems is dedicated to keeping up with the pace of technology. We strive to bring the newest technologies to your church or business. Innovation happens when we leverage these new technologies to help you work faster, smarter, and more efficiently. Whether it is a VoIP phone system, an upgraded computer network, or a top of the line pro sound system, Incom Systems is dedicated to Innovation: Delivered.