Version 1.3.1 is a minor bug fix version and is now available!

Version 1.3 of fwknop-gui is available!

Version 1.2 of the Android app is available!

Fwknop-gui and the entire fwknop ecosystem was featured on FLOSS Weekly, recorded live on September 1.

About Fwknop-gui

Fwknop-gui is a cross-platform client for the fwknop daemon. More information on Fwknop and how single packet authorization works can be found over at Cipherdyne.

The main features of the desktop version of fwknop-gui include

  • the ability to save multiple pre-configured SPA configs and send them easily,
  • support for sending over UDP, TCP, and HTTP,
  • and full support for both base64 and plain-text encoding for the HMAC and encryption keys.

This website contains binaries for Windows and Mac OSX as well as information on the Android fwknop client, Fwknop2.

Fwknop-gui is open source software licensed under the GPLv3 or later.

Please report any bugs in either fwknop client on their respective github pages.